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Since Christian has been out and there are no updates for the site, I decided to work on something else a few days ago and now its done! I’ve created a forum for the site, its a place where peeps all over the world can connect and talk about the captain himself! You can also post and share your pictures, videos, and much more! There is also a section us peeps can discuss other goings on in wrestling, but the main focus of the board is definitely on Christian! I have to give a big thanks to Cristy for the layouts.

Once he returns from injury, I’ll be holding live RAW & Smackdown discussions so we can discuss what happens with him on RAW or SD as it actually happens on air. Make sure you visit the forum and sign up by clicking HERE. I’ve already posted multiple things on the forum to get discussion going as soon as you sign up!

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Jason Reso
Name: William Jason Reso
Ringname: Christian
Also known as: Captain Charisma, The Instant Classic, Christian Cage
Born: November 30th, 1973 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
WWE Debut: September 27, 1998
Bio: Christian is a 19 year, accomplished wrestling veteran currently working with WWE. He is a 2x World Heavyweight Champion, 2x ECW champion, 4x Intercontinental Champion, 9x Tag Team Champion, European Champion and is the 11th Grand Slam Champion in history.
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Did you know that Christian has won a total of 22 major championships throughout his career in WWE and TNA?
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